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Library Services - ART GALLERY

July 2 - 27, 2016

The Realist Artwork of David Jermann

No reception.

David Jermann has always been a realist painter and works exclusively in oils. Drawings are executed in graphite, sometimes on toned paper with white charcoal highlights. He has extensive professional experience doing illustration, murals, portraits, fine art commissions and even decorative painting, all in addition to producing a steady stream of his own creative work. He is currently one of a number of featured "Living Masters" of the Art Renewal Center, a foundation dedicated to the realist tradition. As for the future, David intends to focus primarily on figurative work, producing both drawings and paintings from the live model.


August 1 - 29, 2016


Hudson Valley Exhibits Inc.
invites you to a reception for the exhibit


Saturday Aug. 6, 2016 from 2-4pm

Learn about where we stand with Lead in our Water in our schools and homes, as we hear from Harriet Cornell, who will discuss the workings of the Rockland Co. Task Force on Water Resources, which she chairs. Gordon Wren, Director of R.C. Fire and Emergency Services, will be here to answer questions on what happens when we have a water emergency, and how we can help ourselves. Susan Lenhart, from Valley Cottage Library, will tell us all about their project called “Bioswale”, which you may have noticed in the parking lot as you arrive. This is a series of plantings along the sidewalks and it captures the rain and run-off water and filters it on its way to the catch basins. It passes thru the rain garden at the edge of the parking lot, as it makes its way.

Water impacts us all. The rising sea levels threaten Miami and the streets are flooded daily at high tide. Lead in the water in Flint, Michigan woke the entire country to the danger of old pipes in buildings and the tragedy of its damage to young children. The drought in California and Arizona ruined crops over the entire area, and the result is felt here in New York. The green Algae growing along the shore in Florida ruins not only the tourist season but also destroys the livelihood of those living there full time. The fishing industry has felt the damage from the toxic waste in the waters, and some fish are smaller in size than they used to be. We have a tendency to feel that as long as water comes from the tap in the kitchen sink, all is well. We pay a high price for this disregard. Join us as we view this exhibit and learn more about what we need to do.

The exhibit will remain open during regular Library Hours thru Aug. 29th

Contact: corinnemcgeorge@gmail.com

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