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Library Services - ART GALLERY

Paintings by

Barbara Lowenstein

March 1 - 29, 2015

Artist's Reception is on
Sunday, March 1 from 1-3pm.
The public is invited.

Barbara Lowenstein

There is something elemental about the urge to make marks, going back millennia. For me, the process begins with seeing something I’m drawn to, usually in nature. Then I find an underlying structure, with the camera’s assistance. Back in the studio, I try to hold onto that essence as I translate it into paint using the formal elements of art, i.e. line, texture, mass, tone, color and composition. Twentieth century modernism’s flattening of space also speaks to me.

Many artists experience a tension between the need to express themselves and the desire to keep parts of themselves hidden. I am most comfortable in the zone between abstraction and representation, which is my way of handling the duality of being seen/not seen. Some of this might be visible in the paintings in this show.

I studied art at Alfred University, the Cooper Union, Harpur College, the University of Iowa and the Art Students League Vytlacil campus. My work has been exhibited in juried shows in the New York area, including Hopper House, Blue Hill Plaza, the Sullivan County Art Museum and the College of New Rochelle, as well as group and solo exhibits at the Elizabeth V. Sullivan Gallery of the Art Students League and Bunbury Cafe in Piermont.

April 1 – 28
Paintings by Jamie Baldwin Gaviola

There will be a mandala workshop on Saturday, April 18 in lieu of a reception.
Create your own mandala as well as collaborate with other participants to create a larger one
Cost: NSD - $10 for materials. Out-of-District - $15

May 1 – 27
Paintings by William Britt

Opening Reception: Sunday, May 3 from 1-3pm

June 1 – 27
Paintings by Yoko Komori Olson
Save Our Planet “Water is our Life”

No reception.
Artist's Statement

When I asked for Purpose in my art, these mandalas came forth. I see no end to their emergence. They are created as moving meditations through a fusion of technique and flow. They have been called 'mirrors, portals, and tapestries of the unseen.' I share them because I hope that they ignite a rememberance of the inter-connectivity of all things.

“Mandala is a Sanskrit term for a geometric pattern that represents the cosmos, a microcosm of the universe. It is the ‘seed’ of sacred geometry, a symbol of unity, representing the inner and outer spaces, whose purpose is to remove the subject-object
-Jeff Andrews



A.A Santa Barbara City College, 1998

Ramapo College of New Jersey, BFA, 2010

Life Drawing Sessions, Hopper House 2011- present


Meditation, Aboriginal Dreaming, Fractals, Spiritual Architecture, Geometry, Quantum Mechanics, Carl Jung, Cymatics, Micro Organisms, & Nano-Technology, Yoga, Nature, and inspired texts describing unity.


2014 Solo Show, Saffron, Nyack NY

2014 Solo Show, Cloud 9, Nyack NY

2013 Solo Show, Vincent’s Ear, Nyack NY

2012 Mandalas, Lift Yoga Studio, Nyack NY

2011 Focus on the Figure, Hopper House, Nyack NY

2010 Complete the Circle, Ramapo College, Mahwah NJ

Current Employment

Owner /Artist at Jamie’s Faces: Artistic Entertainment

Face & Body Painting, Caricatures, Natural Henna Tattoos


Art Teacher: Bluerock Summer Camp 2011-present


News and Views

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